Available as paper dice in PDF format for print, cut and assemble.

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Paper version

You have a question – the dice asks back!


It happens on your busy days that you need a time-out. Just a few minutes break to think and reflect. Often that can happen over a cup of coffee with a good colleague, but either you work alone or your colleague is just as busy as you are. Or maybe it’s too difficult to phrase your thoughts clearly at that specific moment.

Don’t despair; your partner’s here: download, cut and clip together.

All you need is a pair of scissors and a stapler using 12 staples. Using 24 instead will make the dice able to roll even harder (maybe consider choosing the topic you want to reflect on).

Now you’ve got a sparring partner that always has time for you and has built-in client confidentiality!

Please remember: the Minute Dice doesn’t give you any answers but invites you to reflect and explore various perspectives on the topic of your choice.